Recipe: Japanese black sugar potato cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Japanese black sugar potato cake


I bought a cute Japanese sweet potato from the supermarket! Purple skin yellow heart sweet and sweet! It is usually made into cold potato puree like ice cream, and half is made into hot potato cake. Clipped with black syrup and whipped cream, satisfying desserts!



  1. Peeled sweet potato (small sweet potato is difficult to cut, peeling skills: cut a circle with a knife, boil water for a few minutes, then quickly cool with cold water, using the principle of thermal expansion and contraction can be quickly stripped!)

  2. Cut the small pieces of sweet potato, cover the whole half of the sweet potato, add a little salt, add a small fire and cook softly (it is easy to boil!).

  3. Add the right amount of sugar and crush the sweet potato into mud (you can leave some large pieces of incomplete crushing to increase the taste). Can be seasoned with whipped cream

  4. The sweet potato mud is half-cooled and then refrigerated; the other half is hot and added to the white jade powder (/glutinous rice flour) to form the softness of the earlobe. *The hot taste is added to compare the taste of Q

  5. Organize the sweet potato cake into the desired shape. I am doing this as a growing cube and then cutting it. Wash the knife and cut it beautifully after each knife. * It is recommended to thin it up or the surface is not cooked.

  6. Heat the non-stick pan over medium heat, apply a thin oil, turn a small fire, put the sweet potato cake into one piece, cover the lid and slowly fry, fry until golden and then change the other side.

  7. The sweet potato cake is served on a hot plate, adding cold sweet potato puree, topped with black syrup (black sugar and boiled thick) and whipped cream.


Tips are in the steps :)

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