Recipe: Japanese and Korean double sauce spicy hot pot

Home Cooking Recipe: Japanese and Korean double sauce spicy hot pot


What broke the name. . In fact, it is just a mess. .



  1. Beef ribs cut across the cross

  2. Dish, mushroom, tofu, washed and cut

  3. Put all the ingredients except the mutton slices in the pan

  4. Take another pot of broth (boiling water), put two spoonfuls of Korean hot sauce, a spoonful of Japanese miso, a little chili powder to add red, a little soy sauce, a little taste, salt, white pepper

  5. Add the mutton slices when the broth is rolled again, and remove it after half a minute.

  6. Pour the soup into the pot with the good ingredients, and sizzle for a while.

  7. The ingredients are almost added to the mutton slices, churning, and then screaming for a little while (I estimate about a minute or so).


The lamb slices I bought are thicker and take a little longer. I think it would be better to make such a thick piece of meat. The reason why the meat is divided twice, one is afraid that it will be cooked and the second is to cook the first time, the soup will have the taste of meat and can be cooked into the ingredients. I personally prefer to eat a little overcooked sage, if you don't like it, you can order the ingredients in time. In short, this pot is quite simple, can be used to cut it, cut it, throw it inside, and it’s delicious.

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