Recipe: Jamie Oliver Shrimp Tomato Pasta

Home Cooking Recipe: Jamie Oliver Shrimp Tomato Pasta


This is a lazy version, not exactly according to the original recipe, but in the step description will add the original recipe. The original recipe used the rocket, and the nearby supermarket was sold out, so I replaced it with the half-dead basil in the kitchen. Rockets and shrimps are often paired together and are often used in salads, if any, with rockets. The basil is mainly paired with tomatoes. Then the tomato and the shrimp are often paired with the pepper in real time. In the pasta, these three things are considered very suitable.



  1. Boil boiled water, add salt, and cook pasta. Jamie Oliver likes to teach cooking when cooking. It must be salted when cooking pasta, otherwise it tastes like eating air.

  2. Use olive oil to make a pot, sauté garlic and pepper (I rarely eat spicy, no pepper at home, replace it with Korean chili sauce), put the shrimp on the back and stir fry, add a little white wine to the cockroach taste.

  3. Add half-cut small tomatoes, cook for a few minutes, add salt and add any special vanilla in the cupboard, add black pepper.

  4. Once the pasta is cooked, it is directly taken into the shrimp and tomato juice, and the water with a little boiled noodles is in. This is just right. Squeeze half a lemon juice and grind half a lemon crumb.

  5. Turn off the flame into the rocket or basil and mix well. After the pot is cooked, black pepper is added. If you like cheese, you can grind parmesan cheese or topped with extra virgin olive oil.


If your hands and feet are fast, cook it in the kitchen and boil it until it is cooked for 10 minutes. The juice on the other side will be ready. You can eat it with a mix of it, and it is fast and good.

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