Recipe: 8 inch honey bean hurricane cake

Home Cooking Recipe: 8 inch honey bean hurricane cake


Do a big bowl of honey beans to consume! I found all kinds of recipes unsatisfactory. In the end, I tried to share all kinds of recipes. It is really good to share with you ^_^, the main hurricane refers to the rule of the king, and the reference is made to the snow without frost, the honey bean adopts the Baidu kitchen. The friend's method is put in.......



  1. First, the egg white egg yolk is separated, the protein is divided into three sugars and a total of 45 grams to hard foaming, and the egg beater is ready for use....

  2. In another water-free and oil-free pot, add 5 grams of egg yolk to the remaining 20 grams of sugar. Use a small egg beater to break up. Don't send it for 3 to 4 seconds. (The eggbeater doesn't need to be cleaned. I did it before. In this step, the eggbeater is cleaned with a stirrer and the hand is turned over. It feels that there is no egg beater to make it even and it is afraid to turn over the dough. Then add oil and milk and mix it with the egg beater. Mix your hands and do not open the eggbeater button at this moment, then sieve into the low-powder egg beater to make a small circle and mix the powder and egg liquid for about 7 seconds.

  3. Put two-thirds of the honey beans into the egg yolk low-powder mixture, mix well with a silica gel mixer, and then add a third of the drop of protein to the mixed honey bean mixture and mix well. Oh, don't circle and mix from bottom to top. Use the right hand to turn the bottom of the mixer and turn the left hand to keep the rake. After mixing well, take the pot and take it away from the protein bowl for about 20 cm. Continue to use the previous method to know the liquid. Very delicate

  4. Put the prepared mold on the flat table and pour half of the cake liquid on the surface and sprinkle the remaining one-third of the honey bean on the table. Then pour the remaining cake liquid and shake it twice to open the roast.

  5. As for the oven temperature, my home temperature is much higher. I usually adopt a low temperature and gradually heat up the hurricane. I am controlling the temperature of this honey bean hurricane cake. ''(I baked the cake never preheated the oven because I tried it many times.) Most of the preheated baked cakes are unsuccessful. Low temperature 110 degrees 20 minutes turn 120 degrees 25 minutes turn 130 degrees 30 minutes The whole process can be baked in 75 minutes, and the bottom frame can be enjoyed after warming down.

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