Recipe: Iced orange peel

Home Cooking Recipe: Iced orange peel


Also known as candied orange peel



  1. The orange peel should be washed clean. For the convenience, it is best to wash the orange before washing. Wash it with salt and repeat it several times, then rinse it again, then use hot water to burn it. This is to eliminate the wax.

  2. Boil the open orange peel in the water, cook for about 10 minutes on medium heat, or watch the skin soft.

  3. Boiled soft orange peel with cold water

  4. The white layer inside the orange peel is smashed with a knife or hung up.

  5. Cut into strips with scissors, or tear them into small pieces, or cut with a knife

  6. The amount of rock sugar is more than orange peel, put it into the pot together, the water has not passed the orange peel and rock sugar, add a little salt, 1 or 2 grams.

  7. After boiling, turn to medium heat, cook all the time, cook at any time, stir at any time.

  8. Turn off the water when you have no water.

  9. The cooked orange peel is a bit hard, take it out, and finally dry it separately or separately.

  10. Let it dry for a few hours, completely harden

  11. Put the orange peel in a deep bowl and sprinkle with sugar. Make sure that each one is stained with sugar.

  12. carry out


The white layer inside the orange peel is cleaned as much as possible. This layer will absorb water. When it is orange peel, it will be wet, and it will not dry enough. Grinding your teeth at leisure is very good, so you can taste it when you drink it.

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