Recipe: Hurricane roll? Swiss Roll? Cake roll roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Hurricane roll? Swiss Roll? Cake roll roll


Regarding the hurricane roll, it is really used too many other people's formulas. It always feels a bit unsatisfactory. When it is finally rolled up, it often cracks. It slowly changes the weight of various materials. Finally, 99% of this will not happen. Cracked



  1. Separate the egg whites from the egg whites. The egg bowls filled with egg whites should be oil-free and then set aside.

  2. The four egg yolks are broken up with an egg beater. Add 20 grams of fine sugar and mix evenly. Then pour the corn oil into the egg yolk. The oil of the salad oil can be tasteless, then stir evenly.

  3. Be sure to stir the oil and egg yolk evenly before continuing to add milk, and mix well. Then sieve the low-powder into the mold. You can use the manual eggbeater or the scraper. Gently stir it and stir it until it turns into a yolk paste without a small noodles.

  4. Take the separated egg whites and the remaining 50 grams of fine sugar and send them to the sugar. Add the sugar three times and hit the 9-distribution. Now go to preheat the oven, fire up to 160 degrees

  5. Mix the good egg whites and stir the egg yolk paste many times. It is very common to add one-third of the protein to the egg yolk paste, cut into the mixture, then pour it back into the protein bowl and continue to cut the mixture. Never draw a circle. Mix, and then do not draw a circle.

  6. After mixing, the cake paste can be poured into the baking sheet covered with baking paper. Remember to shake the baking sheet and shake the bubbles out. I used the baking tray that comes with the 30-litre oven of the Emperor, and this weight is just right. Now you can enter the oven, put it in the middle layer and bake for 20 minutes.

  7. After licking, take the cake out of the edge of the baking paper and buckle it on another piece of baking paper. This is for the roll. In order to conform to the principle of economic and environmental protection, it can be slightly smaller and as big as the cake. Yes. Uncover the original one. You can roll it up a little colder, and you can also wipe the cream with Kashida sauce and apply it to the delicious food you want to wipe.

  8. In fact, this cake roll can be changed a lot. If the chocolate taste is 20 grams of cocoa powder, the low powder will be reduced by 20 grams. Regardless of the addition of cocoa powdered tea powder or something else, the total amount of powder is unchanged at 80 grams. Matcha powder I think 10-15 grams is enough, I have sesame walnut powder into the powder is also 20 grams plus 60 grams of low powder. If you have a coffee flavor, I usually add 5-7 grams of coffee powder to melt it in the milk. The amount of low-powder is not reduced. It can also be chopped with cranberry and red dates, and raisins are also available. The pictures are vanilla, matcha, mocha, raisin and sesame walnut cake rolls. Jujube and sesame are especially suitable for the elderly to eat, very healthy. In fact, if you eat too much sugar, you can reduce the sugar in the egg yolk paste slightly.


In fact, the steps are almost the same, the key is to do more will be easy. As for the last step of rolling up, I sometimes be lazy and wait for the cake to cool down and roll it directly. It is good to roll it up in the refrigerator. If you want to cool down and rewind, it is best to cover the surface of the cake with a plastic wrap. This will prevent the water from evaporating and will not crack easily when rolled. Before the roll, use a knife to gently scribe a distance of one centimeter from the edge, and then roll the rolling pin under the baking paper to help the cake roll up successfully. The first time you write a recipe, it may not be very clear in many places. You are welcome to give pointers.

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