Recipe: Hunan cuisine 09 "Farmer fried meat"

Home Cooking Recipe: Hunan cuisine 09


The farmer's small fried meat, the main ingredients are pork belly and green pepper, the main cooking process is fried. Spicy and spicy, it is a homemade dish on the dinner table.



  1. The bacon pork belly is sliced, salted, sprinkled, soy sauce, coded, and the pepper is cut into pieces.

  2. Do not put oil in the green pepper pot, put the green pepper into the salt and simmer the tiger skin. Add a little oil and let it go.

  3. Put a little oil in the wok pan and heat it. Put the pork belly and remove the oil until it curls. Add the cardamom, stir-fry the onion, ginger and garlic, and mix the green pepper.

  4. Seasoning and adding ingredients, salt, soy sauce, chicken seasoning, sprinkle garlic, not onion.


After cutting the green pepper, add a little vinegar and marinate it. After rinsing with water, stir fry in the pan and make the green pepper skin and meat easy to separate. The flavor is better. 2, pork belly with a little oil fire stir fry, until the oil can be picked up, can avoid eating too oily, and make the pork belly more delicious. 3, pepper should be selected to be thinner, and spicy green pepper, spicy people can also be based on personal preference, add dried chili, pepper or pepper to make vegetables. 4, to stir up this dish, the fire should be big, fast, can not add water and stir-fry, in order to highlight the characteristics of this Hunan cuisine spicy, fragrant, delicious.

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