Recipe: Huangqi red jujube stewed chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Huangqi red jujube stewed chicken soup


Astragalus is a good qi, it will not get angry when you eat it. You can put it in soup or you can drink it in peace. It has a good effect of preventing disease and health. Huang Qi is mainly tonic, some people are prone to catch cold when the weather changes, Chinese medicine is called "table is not solid", can be used to fix the table, can avoid frequent colds. Red dates make up the Qi, nourish the blood and soothe the nerves, nourish the liver and kidney, and benefit the eyesight. These three ingredients are stewed with the old hen, which is very suitable for people with physical disabilities.



  1. Wash the chicken first, then into the cold water pot, boil the water in a big fire, cook for 2 minutes, sputum bleeding, remove the chicken

  2. Prepare a pot of soup, put the chicken pieces into the pot, add the sassafras, jujube, and oysters, add boiling water to the pot for eight minutes, the fire will boil the water, then turn to low heat, stew for about 3 hours You can

  3. Do not cover when cooking soup, otherwise the aroma will be scattered. When you cook it, you can cook it with salt and seasoning. It is mainly used to drink soup. The meat has no meaning to eat. If you want to eat meat, stew for an hour.

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