Recipe: Huajiao ribs and nourishing soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Huajiao ribs and nourishing soup


This is a health soup that is simple, delicious and healthy.



  1. Soak the hair gel first with water to wash the flower gel placed in an oil-free utensils, add water, no gelatin, 1-2 cm, make a whole night, take the pot, boil the hot water, throw two pieces of ginger, add the glue, cook for two minutes, etc. Natural cooling continues to brew overnight and after two nights of soaking, the gum is ready.

  2. Pour the casserole into the cold water. Add the ribs and chopped ginger and the right amount of cooking wine.

  3. Take the casserole, add the flower gum, 淮 Huaishan, Yuzhu, longan, add water, throw the ribs, simmer and simmer for two hours.

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