Recipe: Hu Nianfeng receives money tree

Home Cooking Recipe: Hu Nianfeng receives money tree



  1. The practice of pepper flowers: use scissors to cut the part of the stem from the tip of the pepper to the stem. Don’t cut it, put it in the clear water, the flower will grow bigger and bigger.

  2. Add the onion to the minced pork, stir-fry the chopped green onion with soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine and raw meal for 10 minutes.

  3. Marinated minced meat made into meatballs

  4. Put the oil in the pan, heat it to 30%, then add the meatballs to a golden brown with a small fire.

  5. Broccoli is cut into a flower shape, drained with salt, oil, and ginger.

  6. Wash the vegetables, use ginger, scallions, and use the soup to cook.

  7. Place the meatballs and broccoli in a large dish, and place the broccoli stems underneath with a dish on top to make a Y shape.

  8. Use celery leaves on both sides of the trunk of the hairplant, with red pepper flowers in the middle

  9. Put a little oil in the pot, boil it with soy sauce, sugar, oyster sauce and raw water, and top it when you eat it.

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