Recipe: Hot kohlrabi

Home Cooking Recipe: Hot kohlrabi



  1. Peel the leaves of kohlrabi and wash with water

  2. Do not cut the leaves with a knife and tear them into small pieces by hand. Hard stems should be discarded, because it is not easy to fry when fried, and the taste is not good.

  3. Put the oil in the pan, put the chopped green onion pepper and peppercorns into the saute, stir fry until the pepper is fragrant, and the pepper becomes black and red. The point-and-click approach is this: first stir the peppercorns out of the scent, then use a spoon to fish out, then fry the chopped green onion and pepper, so that you won't bite the peppercorns when you eat. I am not a particular person, and it’s dark when I get home from work. I’m even more savvy. I just throw it in the pot. ^_^

  4. When the pepper changes color, immediately turn the fire, throw the torn kohlrabi into the pot, stir fry, and be sure to open the hood at this moment, otherwise you have to sneeze again and again ^_^

  5. After the kohlrabi is fried, add less oyster sauce and minced garlic, and finally season with salt to cook.

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