Recipe: Hot and sour powder (sweet potato powder)

Home Cooking Recipe: Hot and sour powder (sweet potato powder)


I started to be a person again today. I don’t have to worry about how to change the pattern to cook for Yao Shao. I use all kinds of powder to deal with my stomach. The hot and sour powder made with pure sweet potato noodles today, It tastes better than the ordinary powder, and the color is good. I eat it slowly, then drink a small soup. This time, I put more peppers, hot and sour, love this kind of sour taste, let me eat. A large plate of big fish and big meat is comfortable.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Sweet potato powder soaked in water for one hour in advance

    Sweet potato powder soaked in water for one hour in advance

  2. Sweet potato powder boiled in a pan

  3. When cooking sweet potato powder, start to adjust the juice: salt, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, chili powder, white pepper powder, pepper powder, sesame oil, and adjust to sour sauce.

  4. Washed and chopped green onion and parsley

  5. Peanut fried

  6. Sweet potato powder is boiled in a large bowl of seasoning juice, and some soup is added to suit your own hot and sour taste. Put onions, parsley, and mustard

  7. Put the oil in the wok, some peppers and peppers, and cook the scent. Pour it on the scallions and sprinkle with some fried peanuts. The scent comes out.

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