Recipe: Hot and sour powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Hot and sour powder


Many people like hot and sour powder. The best food to eat is the white hot and sour powder in Chengdu~ Haha, with a surname~  The overall level of hot and sour powder in Beijing is much worse. Many fans are like plastic. . . Still do it yourself.  In Xiaobai's recipes, in order to facilitate the mastery of children's shoes with poor weight, use the international key spoon to measure  1 tablespoon = 15ml 1 tsp = 5ml



  1. Boil boiled water in a pot and cook for about 5 minutes.

  2. Use the time to cook the fans, take a large bowl, transfer the chili oil, sesame oil, pepper powder, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, sugar for use

  3. Pour the cooked vermicelli with the water from the pot into the bowl

  4. Sprinkle with crispy soy beans, fried rice sprouts, parsley and mix well.


1. The practice of crispy soybeans has just been sent the day before yesterday, please see the day before yesterday. 2. Broken rice sprouts are minced with mustard greens and chopped, and there is a small packet of a small packet, which can be omitted after the oil is fried in the pan.  3. I like to put some green leafy vegetables inside.  4. Method of preservation of parsley: Wash the parsley with water, squeeze it, smash it, and use it as you like. There are many kinds of hot and sour powders. The ingredients made today are relatively simple. But the taste is still very good~ Sour and sour~ Finally, the soup is the most comfortable to drink.

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