Recipe: Hot and sour beef 羹

Home Cooking Recipe: Hot and sour beef 羹


The reason for like beef bran is: less oil, smooth, nutritious, delicious; no matter what the taste is made, it is straightforward and oily, this method is tried and tested...



  1. Slice the beef tenderloin, cut it as thin as possible, add salt, soy sauce, and water starch for 15 minutes;

  2. The tomatoes are peeled and seeded and cut into small dices, and the eggs are scattered for use; the pickled peppers, garlic cloves, scallion and parsley in the excipients are chopped for use;

  3. Stir the wok with a little oil, savory pickled pepper, garlic and scallion, pour in the tomato and stir fry, add a little salt and sugar to taste;

  4. Pour a large bowl of water into the pan, boil the aroma, add some beef powder and pour the starch into the water. The marinated beef slices slide open, then boil and pour the egg into a floc. Sprinkle the coriander into the pan. ...


The seasoning of this practice is an attempt for me. It uses a pickled pepper with a sour taste, and chooses the amount according to the degree of spicy eating. When the pan is used, the oil should be drained as little as possible, and the pan can be run. The amount is very small, almost impossible to quantify, all depends on experience; so don't vomit "a little", let's put a little more?

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