Recipe: Honeysuckle Mountain Chrysanthemum

Home Cooking Recipe: Honeysuckle Mountain Chrysanthemum


Honeysuckle can prevent the intestinal tract from absorbing cholesterol. Hawthorn can eliminate food and promote fat metabolism. Gongju contains active ingredients that promote cholesterol decomposition and excretion. The three are matched and the cellulite effect is more remarkable.



  1. Put all the materials together in the cup

  2. Add boiling water

  3. Drinking for 5 minutes


[Appropriate people] Obese people with more internal heat are suitable for drinking. [Drinking taboos] People with cold constitution and diarrhea are not suitable for drinking. [Tips] Some illegal traders want to make the honeysuckle look good, have a selling phase, and smoke with a certain amount of sulfur. Be careful when selecting.

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