Recipe: Honeydew

Home Cooking Recipe: Honeydew


Every time I saw fennel beans, honey beans, and a large bag in the supermarket, I couldn’t help but shake the tiger’s body. Also for the sake of hygiene and honey texture, so let's make it!



  1. #蜜汁芸豆#1. Kidney bean blisters for more than 8 hours; 2. Kidney beans (popped water, not available), plum (such as ebony, a small amount) 5, pure water (higher than beans 1cm) into rice cooker ; 3. Soup / porridge function can be, 2 hours a cycle, trip again, until boiled soft; 4. Filter out the bean soup, pour the beans into the container, let cool and squeeze a layer of honey. Put the refrigerator, when you want to eat a few ~


1. In the first step, the water of the soaked beans should be dumped as much as possible. If you cook the beans together, it may cause flatulence; 2. If you choose the supermarket, you should use the quince. If you use ebony, you should reduce the dosage by half. I tried the ebony version and it was very sour.

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