Recipe: Honey stewed Sydney

Home Cooking Recipe: Honey stewed Sydney


Tangled with honey in the end can not be heated to eat, I checked a lot of information. Some said that it should be honey after the pear is stewed, so as not to damage the nutritional value of honey; some say honey It is a medicine primer. Use honey to stew this pear. The effect is good. Then everyone will come to your liking. After you can stew it, eat it with honey. You can also like me, I believe it is a medicine. Initiative, use it to stew this pear well. The taste is full, the whole pear is soaked with honey. taste.



  1. Wash the pears and cut the pears 4/3 to the height of the pears.

  2. Dig the pear core with a spoon and other tools, and put in honey and water.

  3. Cover the pear cover and the pear body, fix it with a toothpick, and put it into the stew pot.

  4. Into the steamer, boil over high heat, steam for 50 minutes in medium and small heat.


1 pear is eaten with skin, so it should be cleaned repeatedly; do not put too much honey at one time; 2 steamed water, so the water level should not be too high, the steaming rack should not be too bottom, so as to avoid the water when the steamer overflows into the stew Inside. 3 can eat 50-100 grams each time, don't eat too much.

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