Recipe: Honey stained lemon

Home Cooking Recipe: Honey stained lemon


My family's refrigerator will have honey-stained lemons all year round. I prefer the name, appearance and color of the lemon, and of course the sour taste. It is best to drink in the morning or at 3-4 pm when the skin is dehydrated. Drinking for a long time, it has the effect of whitening and whitening. And it can also remove excess toxins from the body. Can reduce the degree of damage to the face caused by computer radiation Let you easily become a "water beauty". From time to time, clip out a piece, then dig two spoons of honey lemon juice in the jar, drink it together, convenient and fast Especially under the pressure of “not to lose weight in March, and to start being sad in May”, how can it be lacking? A beautiful MM must-have! ! (The trouble counts on how many pounds it loses and the MM who chooses to lose weight quickly, knowing that slimming is to be carried out in combination with diet and exercise. If you don’t do anything, you want to lie down and thin, maybe only lost love? This recipe is not a diet pill, please don't ask how many pounds you can lose, how long it will slim down!!!!!!!)



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Lemon wash the skin with salt, remove wax and remove dirt. It can also be soaked in salt water for half an hour. Then put the lemons on both ends and cut into thin slices. (Cut the lemon knife to benefit, otherwise the cut is not the same, it is easy to cut the hand)

    Lemon wash the skin with salt, remove wax and remove dirt. It can also be soaked in salt water for half an hour. Then put the lemons on both ends and cut into thin slices. (Cut the lemon knife to benefit, otherwise the cut is not the same, it is easy to cut the hand)

  2. Prepare an anhydrous, oil-free glass sealed can

  3. Put a slice of lemon and add a spoonful of honey; put a slice of lemon and add a spoonful of honey. repeat. Until all the lemons are marinated. Honey must be marinated over lemon slices

  4. Cover the lid and store in the refrigerator.

  5. When flushing, clip one or two pieces directly, then dig two spoonfuls of honey lemon juice and use them to brew with warm water. (Cannot use hot water, it will destroy the nutrients of honey)

  6. You can drink it in one night. Better after three or four days

  7. As long as the lemon slice and the lemon honey are not water-free and water-repellent, it is no problem to keep it in the refrigerator for at least one month. I have done it myself, and it has not been bad for half a year. Honey must cover the lemon.


1. When brewing, you can first brew green tea or black tea with boiling water. When the water is warm, put one or two pieces of honey lemon, which is honey lemon tea. 2, after washing your face before going to bed, take a little lemon honey on your face, wash it off with water after a few minutes, is a simple facial treatment. 3, a cup of warm water or mineral water in the morning, add one or two pieces of honey-stained lemon. Clear intestinal fistula 4, honey must be marinated in lemon slices, in order to keep fresh for a long time. 5, any sealed glass jar can be. Boil the glass jar in boiling water, then dry it naturally or dry it with a kitchen towel. Reload the lemon and save it for a longer time. 6. After the honey and lemon are combined, the lemon will hydrate, so the honey will become thinner. This is normal. When flushing, you can put a slice of lemon and then sip two spoonfuls of honey lemon juice. Soak together. 7. After the freshly marinated lemon, the lemon slices will float up. Because the lemon is heavier than water after the water is out, the honey will sink. It’s getting better after a long time. So don't worry about it. 8, seeing children's shoes said that the lemonade that is soaked out is very bitter. The first reason is that this may be related to the variety of lemon and honey. The second is that when cutting a lemon slice, the two ends can be cut off more, and if the white matter before the skin and pulp is less, the bitterness will be alleviated. Third, the water temperature is too high. It is best to soak for about 3 days, it should not be. But in fact, I want to say, I did not really taste bitter, only the first day did not drink the late lemon, soaked in the water the next morning, it has a bitter taste. 9, there are many student parties, there is no refrigerator in the bedroom. Then if it is winter, only one lemon at a time, honey must be marinated over lemon. Store in a dry, ventilated place and eat as soon as possible. It will still last for 2 weeks. If it is summer, especially in the sweltering weather in the south, it is recommended not to try it. The children's shoes in the north are okay. The indoor temperature is relatively low. In a cool and ventilated place, it is best to make only one lemon, or it will last for more than one week. 10, after the lemon is finished, there will be leftover honey in the bottle. If you do the following 2 points, you can continue to add lemon and honey. 1, has been kept in the refrigerator and stored at low temperatures. 2, every time you take the lemon is a clean spoon with no oil and no water, never contaminated. Meet the above 2 conditions, then you can continue to add it. My jar has been for 2 years, and I will continue to add lemon and honey every time I eat it. There are no signs of bad.

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