Recipe: Honey sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Honey sauce


The sand bones bought outside are so expensive, let's do it ourselves (*^__^*)



  1. Sand bones bought back to clean, drain water

  2. Use a fork to make small holes in the sand bones. It is more tasty when marinated (this step can be omitted)

  3. Put salt, sugar, soy sauce, soy sauce (small amount, for coloring), Lee Kum Kee barbecue sauce, barbecue honey (small amount) marinated sand bone, and put ginger and garlic in (I prefer garlic, make garlic Put it in, if you don’t catch a cold on garlic, you can put it all in one place.)

  4. Put the seasoned sand bone in the refrigerator and pickle it for two days. When you think of it, take it out and turn it over.

  5. The long two days have finally passed... Put the sand bone on the grill, apply the marinated seasoning, and bake for 20 minutes on the 200 degree tube. (Note: the grill should not be too close to the tube, or Very easy to focus, I am on the second card)

  6. Take the grill out, the opposite side of the sand, apply the marinated seasoning, and bake for 15 minutes on the 200 degree tube.

  7. Then take it out and apply the barbecue honey on the bottom of the sand bone (I think it is delicious enough to burn the sand bone, so I will paint a lot of honey), and I will bake it for 3 minutes on the 170th level. When the honey is dry, Can take it out and eat it.


1. Remember that the honey should be applied when it is almost out of the pan. Otherwise, the sand bone is easy to focus, but the honey is very hot. 2, the temperature and time of baking is only a reference, we can adjust according to the degree of dry and wet sand and burnt.

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