Recipe: Honey red bean sago

Home Cooking Recipe: Honey red bean sago


Cooking sago is a matter of patience and testing. Less time, a little hard heart, the fire has passed, and the soft collapse has lost its original shape. In the same way, honey red beans are also the same process that needs to be repeated and tossed together. It is really a troublesome king, huh, huh. It seems that two people who are not optimistic about everyone, love and live together, similar and compatible, sweet, this reason, only the person in charge can say clearly. Fortunately, the sweet and fragrant honey red bean sago dew can be sure of its sweetness without any need for a week. And the process of production, it is to temper your own patience.



  1. Ingredients: 150 grams of small sago, 200 grams of honey red beans, 500 grams of milk, and appropriate amount of water. Put a small sago into boiling water and cook a small white spot in the middle; turn off the heat for 10 minutes.

  2. The small sago is added to the milk and refrigerated for half an hour; the refrigerated sago should be full and swollen, and the milk flavor of the milk is washed.

  3. Honey red bean practice: (Material: red bean 250g, sugar 220g, maltose 90g, cold water about 1200ml) red beans first bubble for one night. Add 400 ml of water to boil. Pour in 200ml of cold water and boil, then pour in cold water to boil, repeat 4 times. Until the red beans are soft. Drain the water. Add the sugar and maltose and mix well. Cook over low heat until the red beans absorb the sugar to a sticky state.

  4. Mix the prepared honey red beans with the milk sago, and the sweet and fragrant honey red bean sago dew is ready.

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