Recipe: Honey dried bread

Home Cooking Recipe: Honey dried bread


I went to the bottom of the weekend to play and saw that the villagers were selling their own dried apricots and wild raisins. Although the price sounds very pitted, but a flower that loves to eat dried fruit is still bought a pack back, so there is this dried fruit bread. Also put the Parisian Big Mill seven grain flour bought some time ago, the finished tissue is thick and moist, the valley is full of flavor, with a sour and sweet fruit dried fruit.



  1. Mix the dried fruit with a little water and slightly soak (the water is not counted in 155g, it is separate).

  2. High-gluten flour, seven-grain flour, water, sea salt, yeast, and honey are mixed. The chef smashes into a ball at a low speed, and then smashes it into a rib.

  3. Add the torn cheese and mix evenly.

  4. Mix the dried fruit with dry water, add to the chef's machine, and mix evenly at low speed.

  5. Allow to stand for about one hour of fermentation. Because the gluten strength is weak and there are a lot of dried fruit, it may not be particularly large.

  6. Take out the fermented dough, shape it into a strip, apply a surface, and sprinkle with oatmeal. Cover with plastic wrap for secondary fermentation.

  7. The second fermentation was about half an hour, after which a sharp cut was made on the dough with a sharp knife. The oven is preheated to 250 degrees.

  8. After the second fermentation, put it into the oven, spray a little water in the oven, the temperature is lowered to 220 degrees, and the baking is restricted for 25 minutes until the surface of the bread is golden brown.

  9. The bread is taken out of the oven, cooled and sliced ​​and eaten~


Because the proportion of seven grain flour is high, the dough is not easy to be ribbed. When testing small pieces of dough, you don't have to pull out a very solid film like white bread. Just pull it slowly and the edge of the broken mouth is not very rough.

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