Recipe: Honey butter tea on the tip of the tongue

Home Cooking Recipe: Honey butter tea on the tip of the tongue


A bowl of hot honey butter tea is the best thing on the mountain to drive the cold. The specific operation is not complicated, and I have never thought of writing it down. This time, licking the enthusiasm of the tip of the tongue 2, send a detailed approach.



  1. Take a pot, add the right amount of brick tea, add water to boil, add a little salt, continue to cook until the tea becomes black (if you are too troublesome, you can use boiling water directly, but the flavor is slightly worse).

  2. Put another small pot, put a piece of solidified ghee into the pot, cook and melt, continue to put enough honey, stir with a spoon.

  3. Add some pre-prepared brick tea to stir and boil again.

  4. Slowly pour the cooked crispy tea into the bowl.


The honey ghee tea that has been cooked is best to drink hot. Brick tea, remember not to cook for too long, it will suffer.

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