Recipe: Homemade sauce cucumber

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade sauce cucumber



  1. Wash the cucumber and drain it

  2. Sprinkle with enough salt for a day and night

  3. Set the ventilated air to dry the moisture on the surface of the cucumber

  4. Pour 400 grams of soy sauce into the pot, add star anise, red pepper, sugar, cooking wine to boil

  5. Add the right amount of peanut oil, boil again, stop the fire, let cool

  6. Pour into the dried pickled cucumber and place it in a cool place with a plastic wrap.


Tips: 1. During the pickling process of cucumber, it should be turned several times; 2, one day after the sauce, take with you, pay attention to sealing; 3, this simple method is suitable for the sauce of carrots, carrots, green peppers and other vegetables.

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