Recipe: Homemade salted egg yolk

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade salted egg yolk


Usually when we eat salted eggs or salted duck eggs, we also go to the egg yolk. Sometimes the eggs are salty and basically can't be eaten. Buy a salted duck egg and get 1 block 5, salted egg 1 piece, which is equivalent to buying a salted egg yolk to eat. Pickling yourself, the minimum is ten days and a half, and the time is too long. Today, teach everyone how to turn ordinary eggs into salted egg yolks, as long as two days. Take only the egg yolk for use. Egg white can be used for cooking or omelet. Counting an egg is 7 hairs, and the economic time is short.



  1. Pour a small bowl of salt into the small bowl and dig a pit in the middle of the salt.

  2. The egg white is separated from the egg yolk, and the egg yolk is placed in the pit just dug.

  3. Sprinkle some salt on the egg yolk and bury the egg yolk

  4. Sprinkle a little water to make the smoke moist.

  5. Put it in a cool place and leave it for 2 days.

  6. Remove the egg yolk and rinse the salt with water. The egg yolk is very Q, crystal clear.


The egg yolk is ready, how can it be eaten? Put the egg yolk on the plate and steam it. If you want to eat it, you can eat it. When you drink porridge, you can eat one, and when you eat rice, put it on, is it a little more fun for the plain dinner table~

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