Recipe: Homemade rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade rice cake


The rice cake is very awkward and chewy. I like it very much, but the rice cakes bought outside are too few. After eating, I have to buy it. It’s better to do it myself! I have read many tutorials in the kitchen, and each one looks at the works. Not awkward, some said that it is very delicious, let me go very annoyed, I don’t know which way to use, I have to combine it myself and found this method to be super delicious! Let’s share it with everyone.



  1. Mix sticky rice flour with glutinous rice flour and mix

  2. Add oil and water (determine the amount of water added according to your own powder!) Quickly stir with a spatula

  3. Knead into a rice noodle

  4. Put in a bowl and steam for 15–20 minutes until the rice flour is transparent.

  5. Put a little oil on the chopping board, put the rice cake on the hot plate, wrap the doughnut on the plastic wrap, and start to beat the rice cake (one side of the oily rice cake is more elastic)

  6. Beat the rice cake into a shape that you like, put it in the refrigerator and freeze it, then take it out and cut it.


The more you beat, the longer the time, the more the rice cake will be cut into the refrigerator, and you need to put it into the refrigerator and thaw it in advance!

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