Recipe: Homemade plum wine

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade plum wine


Late spring and early summer Ome market Watery green plum Love from the heart Weighing ten pounds Wash one by one soak Detach Dry Pure yellow sugar candy Sake or liquor of 29 degrees or more Layered with a cover Placed in a cool dry place Self-retained low-alcohol brewing Fruit-like wine One year's wine Carefully pour into the cup Fragrant self-attack Wine amber clear Sweet and slightly smoked at the entrance Aftertaste Remember every year When plums are green



  1. The green plum is washed under running water and brushed off the surface.

  2. Add salt to the water, pour the green plum, and gently drop the green plum from the bottom pocket by hand, repeating several times.

  3. Soak in water for one night

  4. Carefully pick the pedicles and dry in the shade

  5. Prepare large bottles (preferably dedicated bottles) to dry and dry

  6. According to the ratio of plum wine sugar 1:1:0.6

  7. Tighten the lid in a cool, dry place for more than three months, preferably one year.

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