Recipe: Homemade plum wine

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade plum wine


Going to the supermarket to buy 38 degrees of Wuliang alcohol, old workshops and no real dew, soaking and playing. The first is Mei Zilu. The plums are washed and stalked. Repeatedly killing with salt. Soak the salt water for 2 days. Then put it in the sun for two days. Then put 3000 grams of plums, about 3000 grams of sugar into a clean and waterless bottle, and marinate for 1 year. The juice that comes out can be smashed into green syrup, and the plum can be eaten directly. I dismissed too much sugar, and put 800 grams of sugar. After melting, I plan to directly pour the liquid into green plum syrup, and the plums are dried. I tasted a plum and it is very delicious. It is the taste of the natural plum.



  1. The plums are washed and dried. Prepare a clean container and then dry it naturally, then pour the plums. After one month, within five months, put the amount of rock sugar 20%-30% in three times.

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