Recipe: Homemade no added tomato sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade no added tomato sauce


This ketchup is widely used, and the previous winter yin soup, tomato sauce fried rice, tomato sauce cowpea, pasta, etc. are all needed.  You can also sandwich and burn tofu. . . . . . . . . . The most versatile sauce~



  1. The top of the tomato is crossed with a knife, and the bottom is smashed with a knife.

  2. Boil the water in the pot, put in the tomato for a minute, remove the skin, and be careful.

  3. Crush the tomatoes by hand, not too broken, a little fleshy taste

  4. Put the crushed tomatoes in the pot, add the rock sugar, and cook the lemon juice for half an hour or more. Stir in the mixture to prevent the bottom of the soup. When the soup is thick, add salt and mix well.


1. The sauce is hot and placed in a dry and clean bottle. It is kept in a cool and cold refrigerator. Because this sugar content is small, it takes a long time to preserve the jam. Every time you need to use a clean spoon to take the sauce, you can keep it for one month. .  2. Lemon juice is a natural sour agent, and it also has the effect of resisting oxidation and prolonging the shelf life. 3. If you eat at home, tomatoes do not need to be seeded and will not affect the taste. 4. Pick the best tomatoes.

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