Recipe: Homemade MSG

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade MSG



  1. Wash the shrimp skin: Rinse it several times with running water, then soak it in water for five minutes, rinse it off with running water, and drain off the water (this time you bought a small intestine in the shrimp skin)

  2. Put the washed shrimp into the pot, do not pour the oil, heat it on low heat, stir fry constantly, stir until the shrimp skin is completely dry. After the fire is turned off, continue to stir fry for a while, so that the heat is dissipated as quickly as possible and kept dry. Be careful not to pile up when the shrimp skin has temperature, so it is easy to generate moisture in the middle.

  3. Stir-fried shrimp skin is completely cooled, put into the grinding cup of the blender, and whipped into powder.


1. After the shrimp skin is fried, it must be thoroughly chilled and then whipped. 2, the good taste should be placed in a sealed bottle, and then stored in the refrigerator, to keep dry is the most important. 3, storage time should not be too long, it is best to eat in a month, so do not do more at once. 4. The shrimp skin contains high sodium. After the shrimp skin MSG is put in the dish, the amount of salt should be reduced accordingly.

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