Recipe: Homemade Matcha Frappuccino

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade Matcha Frappuccino


I have always loved Starbucks' Matcha Frappuccino but I don't have any reason here. I can only drink it once every time I go to Beijing. I have only recently made my own thoughts. The high quality matcha powder is the quality of the key matcha powder, which not only determines the finished product. The color determines the taste of the finished product and the blue windmill cream that is sent for decoration. The decoration process is not complicated, but it is very delicious. It is not worse than the star dad and the matcha is more intense. It is awesome. The recipe of Zi teacher has changed itself. I would like to express my gratitude for the preparation work: 1. Weigh all kinds of raw materials accurately. 2. Put the weighed whipped cream together with the beater of the egg beater in the refrigerator. The ice cube is slightly broken and it is easy to grind. 4. The glass for the finished product is slightly refrigerated. 5. Put the disposable squid bag and cut the opening into the garland (I used the medium 10 tooth)



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Weigh the weighed matcha powder and place it in the same bowl.

    Weigh the weighed matcha powder and place it in the same bowl.

  2. Pour the milk into the milk pan and heat it to about 60 degrees with a small fire.

  3. Rinse the boiled milk into the fine sugar and the matcha powder in step 1. Use the mini egg beater with tea or wire to stir quickly and mix as much as possible without the matcha powder. (It is recommended to use the tea pot as shown in the figure. Taobao)

  4. Filter the matcha milk with a sieve and let it cool.

  5. Put the slightly broken ice into the cooking machine or the smoothie machine (if the cooking machine I use uses sand ice to make the finished product smoother), pour the cool matcha milk into the milk and fill it without large ice. Pre-refrigerated glass

  6. Take out the animal whipped cream that has been refrigerated in advance and beat it with ice water. (In winter, you can use the ice-free water to send it directly.) When you send it to the mousse, add 8-10g condensed milk and continue to send it to a softer than the scented flower. Status (8-9 distribution like this)

  7. Put the whipped cream in the squid bag and squeeze it on the top of the Matcha Frappuccino.


1. Please use high-quality matcha powder. Matcha powder not only determines the color of the finished product, but also determines the quality of the taste. 1g is about 1.5 yuan. The best quality I use Ujit A2. The whipped cream must be in a refrigerated state before being sent. More than an hour (note that it is refrigerated!!! Don't freeze!!!), and the pelvic floor must be separated by ice water in summer. 3. Mix the tea with milk and make the matcha powder more soluble and avoid waste. 4. Filtering matcha milk is for Make the finished product smoother. This step can be omitted. 5. It is recommended to use a sand ice machine or a super-powerful small V cooking machine. I use a general household cooking machine so the finished product still has some large ice cubes.

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