Recipe: Homemade ketchup

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade ketchup


The ketchup that I used to do very early, I was looking for a ketchup like the steps of my lazy person, and then I added it directly to OK, the speed problem, every time I write a recipe, I think it is huge. Noisy. I have to write a recipe for many times to post it, and it is very depressed. There is really no way to find a lazy version like me. Had to write one by myself



  1. Cross the top of the tomato, boil a pot of water in the pot, add the tomato to the skin and wrinkle, then you can fish and peel off the tomato skin.

  2. Peeled tomatoes are cut into small pieces and marinated in rock sugar for more than half an hour. (If there are children's shoes and I am so scared of acid, just put a little more sugar like me)

  3. After half an hour of storage, the tomato has precipitated a lot of pectin. (In fact, when we were young, we had already placed ice in the refrigerator at this step, and then took it out and ate it!

  4. Put the tomato in the pot, slowly simmer with a small fire, stir constantly, while pressing the tomato all the time, until it is very sticky, you can start the pot.

  5. Put it in a sterile bottle, put it in the cold, add honey, stir it and it will be OK.


If you eat at home, there is no need to remove the seeds for beauty. It is also a dietary fiber, but the seeded tomato sauce is very similar to chili sauce~~~

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