Recipe: Homemade Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream


Haagen-Dazs is too expensive, it is better to make it at home, the process is very simple~



  1. Put the sugar and egg yolk together, use the egg beater to make it, and make it milky white. Of course, you can use chopsticks without an egg beater, but it will be very tired~

  2. Pour the milk into the pan and cook until slightly open.

  3. The boiled milk is slowly poured into the beaten egg liquid with a spoon and stirred while pouring. (Be careful not to pour the milk into the egg liquid at all, so that the eggs will be cooked and agglomerated by the milk)

  4. Pour the stirred egg milk into the pot, cook until slightly boiled, turn off the heat, pour into the container and let cool~

  5. Put the cool egg milk into the refrigerator and freeze it. It is best to stir it every two hours so that there is no hail. If you have cream at home, you can cut it in the egg liquid by cutting about 1CM, so the taste will be more fragrant.

  6. Usually it is done the night before, then put it in the refrigerator for one night and you can eat it the next day. Of course, you can also match your favorite jam or fruit~

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