Recipe: Homemade fondant

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade fondant


When I haven't touched the fondant, I feel that it is beautiful, magical, and incredible. In fact, I still think this way. It is just through recent contacts that I have some understanding of it and I want to know and learn more deeply. The fondant made at first was bought ready-made. It may take some time from production to sale. The ready-made fondant has its shortcomings~~ and I can learn some new knowledge by myself, so I found it. Some recipes, the materials are understood, ready to be self-sufficient. At first, I tried some fondant and I took some detours. For example, the liquid was directly heated on the fire, and other fats were used instead of glycerin. This is not very desirable; in addition, the quality of the powdered sugar has a great effect on the fondant. Large, it is recommended to choose boxed, although it is more expensive, but the sealing is good, fine, and less particles.



  1. Mix gelatin powder and cold water evenly

  2. Then the insulating water melts it into a transparent liquid

  3. Then add seasonings (lemon juice, almond flavor, orange juice, etc.)

  4. Then add corn syrup

  5. Then add glycerin

  6. After adding corn syrup and glycerin, mix it. At this time, the liquid is slightly thick and not smooth. It is necessary to heat the water again and mix it into a thinner liquid.

  7. In a large bowl, sift 680g of powdered sugar

  8. Dig a well in the middle of the powdered sugar, then pour the liquid into the step 6

  9. It is best to stir with a wooden spoon and the mixture will become sticky.

  10. Sift the remaining powdered sugar onto the console

  11. Take the fondant in the pot and put it on the powdered sugar.

  12. Like a kneading noodles, side squatting, continue to sift the icing sugar 揉

  13. Use a scraper to gather the surrounding powdered sugar. And remove the granular debris stuck to the table

  14. Finally, knead into a smooth, soft dough. The fondant should eventually be strong but soft

  15. Make a shortening on the palm of your hand, then pour it into the fondant to eliminate stickiness.

  16. After shaping, wrap the fondant tightly with plastic wrap, then put it in a sealed bag or box and put it in the refrigerator for 2 months. Place the fondant for 24 hours, use the best ~


1. Minimize the loss of powdered sugar and liquid to ensure the ratio. 2, the sugar powder is sieved to the table top, in order to gradually let the fondant absorb the powdered sugar. 3, 揉 fondant, just like helping a mother to cook dumplings at home. 4, the sugar powder in the formula is 907g, but the actual use of 950g is better. If you feel sticky, you can add ~ 5, if you feel the hand is more sticky, you have to wash your hands, and then dry it. Because the more sticky the hand, the more sticky it is, the more it sticks. . 6. Finally, it is very important to plant this part of the plant white oil. No one should omit it. 7, it should be noted that corn syrup and molasses are more important than thin liquids such as water, milk, juice. So 118ml of water is similar to 118ml of milk and juice. However, 118 ml of syrup is equivalent to 168 g of syrup. Do not convert in equal amounts.

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