Recipe: Homemade delicious chili oil

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade delicious chili oil


This method was told by the Chongqing sister who went to school in Chengdu. She said that she was the method she used to do. I did it and felt great. For this reason, I also bought rapeseed oil specially, and I bought the chili noodles from Chengdu. Pepper ( ̄ ̄ ̄) can not stop the heart of eating this chili oil is not necessarily the practice of authentic Sichuan, but definitely delicious, you may wish to try



  1. Prepare the minced garlic, the amount is larger, mix well with the chili noodles, add the right amount of salt, sugar, fresh vegetables, white sesame

  2. Heat the rapeseed oil and add some oil. You need to see how many chili noodles you have. After the heat is cooked, pour a portion of the pepper into the noodles, then let the oil cool a little, then pour in a portion. At this time, put the pepper noodles. Put it in a burnt in advance, then pour a little vinegar, don't eat sour, after the temperature of the oil drops a little, pour the rest into it. When it's finished, I stir it with chopsticks and let the bottom pepper It is also fully heated. I can eat a lot of cakes or eat it (that is, I like to eat spicy food). I can eat a lot of noodles. Because I added salt, I don’t have to worry about it.


The amount of salt sugar added is the same as that of everyone cooking.

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