Recipe: Homemade chestnut puree

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade chestnut puree


There are too many chestnuts. If you use them directly, you can't eat them. Don't waste them. Do some chestnut mud, which is Li Rong.



  1. Wash the chestnuts with water and put them in the pot for 5 minutes to turn off the heat.

  2. Packed chestnut kernels in a small pot, add water, clear water without chestnuts, cook for about 30 minutes

  3. After cooking, the chestnuts are cooled and cooled. After being placed in the mixer, try adding a little water. The mixer can be stirred smoothly.

  4. Pour the mixed chestnuts into the pan and stir fry over low heat.

  5. After frying some of the water, add butter and white sugar and continue to fry

  6. Stir the excess water. After cooling, it will be dry than just fried, so please control the heat and time.


friendly reminder: 1. The shelled chestnuts should not be cooked for too long. For too long, the chestnut kernels are easy to break after being half-cooked. I will talk about it, thinking that if I cook more, I will pack it, and the result will be broken. But the better to cook, it is not as good as before. 2. Stir-fried chestnut puree, refrigerator. However, it can't be stored for too long, up to 7 days, it is recommended to finish in 7 days. 3. Peeling the chestnuts is not the whole thing. It is still necessary to cook and stir until it is broken. Pay attention to three points when you try to make chestnuts. 1. Raw chestnuts are boiled in a pot to facilitate shelling. But don't start cooking for too long, so it is easy to make the chestnut kernels half-ripe. When the cooked chestnuts are wrapped, they are easy to break. 2. Cooked chestnuts can be taken out of one hot water, and the rest are placed in the pot and covered with a lid to make the residual temperature work. 3. Do not stir when the mixer is stirring. It is not easy to stir. Please try to add some water, but don't overdo it.

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