Recipe: Homemade canned spicy oil

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade canned spicy oil


Very fond of spicy. But the spicy in Japan is not so spicy. Xi'an friend gave me a bag of chili noodles, I made a can of spicy oil myself. Put a spoonful of noodles on the noodles, use them for cold dishes, or use them for spicy meat. . . How do you want to eat?



  1. Mix the chili noodles, salt and sesame in a jar.

  2. Cook the oil in a pot. When the oil burns to smoke, it will turn off immediately.

  3. Wait 15 seconds (do not put the oil into the jar right away, the oil temperature is too high, the pepper surface is easy to burn off). Use a spoon to slowly pour the oil into the jar. The other hand is slowly stirring with chopsticks.

  4. The same method puts the remaining oil into the can.

  5. The glass jar is cleaned and disinfected beforehand.

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