Recipe: Homemade brine chickpeas

Home Cooking Recipe: Homemade brine chickpeas


Regarding beans, there has always been such a saying, "No grain should be raised, and lost beans are bad", which means that grains are nutritious, but without beans, they will lose balance. Modern nutrition also proves that by insisting on eating bean food every day, as long as two weeks, the human body can reduce the fat content, increase immunity, and reduce the chance of illness. The nutrients contained in the chickpeas are very rich, and they are much more than other beans in terms of species and quantity. It is rich in protein (all high-quality globulin), 18 kinds of amino acids (including all 8 kinds of amino acids that the human body must but cannot synthesize itself), a variety of nutrients and trace elements, such as: calcium, Luo, zinc, magnesium , phosphorus, etc. In particular, each hundred grams of chickpeas contains up to 350 mg of calcium and 320 mg of phosphorus, which is higher than most beans. The iron content is 47 mg, which is 90% higher than other beans. Vitamin C, B1 and B2. Up to 12 mg, dietary fiber content is higher than others. Chickpea is also a good plant amino acid supplement, which has high medical and health value, and can not underestimate children's mental development, bone growth and the health of the elderly. Comparative studies have shown that chickpeas and other legumes have the highest ratio of protein efficacy, bioavailability and digestion and absorption rate, and the chicks have won the title of “King of Beans”. In the world, it also enjoys the reputation of “Golden Bean”, which is listed as a special nutritious food by many countries in the world.



  1. After washing the chickpeas for at least one night, I have soaked for more than 24 hours (and I have no time to do it), and if possible, change the water as many times as possible.

  2. Remove the drain the next day and rinse it off slightly.

  3. Soak the chickpeas into the pot, then add all the brine material to the bean plane

  4. After the fire is boiled, turn to low heat and cook until the chickpeas are soft enough to accept. I have a little longer soaking, so the whole cooking process is very short and only takes more than half an hour.

  5. After the fire is turned off, the chickpeas will be soaked in the brine for one night. If you have a high temperature, remember to put the refrigerator.


1, after adding these seasonings, just put the water a little higher than the beans; 2, the proportion of each flavoring seasoning can be adjusted according to their own taste, I am slightly higher than the proportion of [Li Jinji brine juice] and [豉油鸡汁]; 3, remember not to adjust the marinade too salty (Ning sweet is not salty), soaked after a night will be very tasty, otherwise too salty.

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