Recipe: Homely soft stuffy squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Homely soft stuffy squid


This method is relatively simple and easy to learn. The fish does not need to be fried, and the fish made is very tender.



  1. Use a knife to cut a few knives on the fish noodles (both sides).

  2. Put the oil in the pot, prick the peppercorns, chopped withered and douche, add boiling water, cooking wine, soy sauce (a little bit), a little sugar, vinegar (a little bit), then put the fish.

  3. Cook the pot and put in the dish and add the shallots to the scallions. Add the broth and chicken broth to the dish.


The juice should be multiplied. When cooking, the fish should be submerged and boiled so that the fish tastes and does not need to be turned. After the fish is cooked, there is not much soup to quit. To owe the powder, you can only owe it.

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