Recipe: Homely braised fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Homely braised fish


It’s said that braised is actually putting a little soy sauce in the fish. The fish that has not been burnt out is delicious and not sloppy.



  1. The fish is packed in the market and washed back to dry the skin moisture.

  2. Washing ingredients for use

  3. Put the wok into the oil, put a little salt (so that the fried fish skin is not easy to break) and fry the fish on both sides.

  4. Put the wok into the oil, add the garlic cloves, onions, ginger, pepper, red pepper and fry. Add the fried fish. Inject a little yellow wine into the fresh soy sauce.

  5. Remember, it is best to add soy sauce, add half a bowl of hot water, eat less salt, and turn to a small fire.

  6. At least twenty minutes after adding less sugar, the last fire is filled with juice and sprinkled with parsley.

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