Recipe: Home version Oden

Home Cooking Recipe: Home version Oden


Because the supermarket is hard to buy a good stew of stewed brand recently, so you can get enough food and drink, and the Oden sauce can be compared with the good stew of "good stew", even more than it is. It was given by the family, and I passed it on my face.) The main purpose of this recipe is to teach you that you can also transfer the Oden juice that is better than the brand and save money at home. Other Oden materials can be adjusted according to your tastes. The pot is small, and all the ingredients are not photographed in the photo. You will see it~ Bon Appétit!



  1. Put all kinds of seasonings labeled [Kanto boiled juice] into the pot proportionally

  2. Various kinds of pills, white radish cut chunks, spring bamboo shoots hobs, wet gluten, konjac silk into the pot, add water, the amount of water has not passed all the ingredients, cook for about 40 minutes

  3. Put the squid and other easy-to-cook seafood you like before the pan. When you turn the pan again, turn off the heat.


The dosage of Oden's boiled juice can be prepared in proportion, not necessarily limited to the size of the so-called spoon, and can be slightly adjusted according to the size of the pot you are using. I use the standard stockpot, 1 scoop = 15ML

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