Recipe: Home-made tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Home-made tofu


Tofu is self-made at home, which is convenient and hygienic. If you don't want to eat tofu, you can also make all kinds of soy milk, bean curd, and bean curd. The taste is pure and absolutely delicious. Now is the season of the production of tender yellow beans, adding some new yellow beans to the soybeans, the color of the tofu made is green and green, with a clear fragrance.



  1. Dry soy beans with cold water for more than 8 hours

  2. Soak the water with soaked soybeans, add 2500g~3000g of pure water, and grind it into soy milk with the juice machine. (The soy milk is a little bit of bean dregs, it is best to filter it out to ensure the taste)

  3. Heat the bean paste into the pan and boil it. Be sure to burn the soy milk, cook it, and turn off the heat. When the soy milk is cooled to 80-90 degrees, a layer of tofu skin will be formed on the surface of the soy milk, which can be used for making cold dishes, and can also be made into tofu together. Start to pulp.

  4. Pulping: Pour a certain amount of brine into the soy milk, stir quickly, stir well, when there is a small bean curd in the soy milk, and start to solidify, stop stirring, cover and grout.

  5. 10-15 minutes, uncovering, soy milk has become into the state of tofu brain, the tofu brain is broken, put into the mold by heat, the lid is drained, and the tofu is made.


The brine does not indicate the amount of use, it is to be released by experience, see the state of soy milk to increase the amount of brine. The method is: adding 1/4 of the brine of about 1 part to the soybean milk, and stirring it quickly, and observing the state of the soybean milk: slowly becoming thick, and the bean flower of the size of the mung bean is formed, and the hand-stirred soymilk has a sense of resistance. At this point, ok can smash. If the above state does not appear, it means that the brine is added less, and it is necessary to continue to join. At this time, it is necessary to slowly add it bit by bit until the state mentioned above appears.

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