Recipe: Home-made simple spinach bacon pasta

Home Cooking Recipe: Home-made simple spinach bacon pasta


Replace the basil with spinach, and replace the cream with the cream. Lazy people don't like cooking machines, so spinach is chopped directly and it feels very convenient. Because they are all home-made materials, so called a simple version ~ ~ anyway, similar recipes are tens of millions, but what you make is your own taste. I like it as much as I like.



  1. Spinach is boiled in boiling water, and after a little cold water, squeeze out the water and chop it up for use.

  2. Boil the water, add a pinch of salt, and cook the pasta until there is no hard core. About 8-9 minutes. Drain off with cold water.

  3. Put the butter in the pan, crush the bacon and spinach into a wok and sauté. Add salt (at your own taste).

  4. Add the right amount of milk (or cream) and cook until thick. Finally add the pasta to the pan stir fry.

  5. Finally, you can sprinkle some black pepper.


The spinach that has been scalded in water can be sealed and stored in cold storage once it is used. It should be taken out when needed. Is a very good way to save!

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