Recipe: Home-made scorpion noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Home-made scorpion noodles



  1. Pour the oil in the pot, add a large amount of seasoned, moderate amount of pepper and pepper

  2. After sauteing the green onion, pour in the carrot and saute.

  3. Put the mushrooms and potato chips into a little discoloration, add appropriate amount of soy sauce, allspice and other spices.

  4. Put in the meat dumplings, stir well, cook in vinegar, add salt, add some water

  5. After the water is opened, add the fried tofu and fungus

  6. Cook for a while and put in the chopped vegetables and egg skin, turn off the fire.

  7. After the noodles are cooked, remove them and pour the cooked hazelnut soup.


Meat dumplings can be purchased online, I think the taste and quality are good.  This staple food looks complicated and it is actually very simple to do.  Finally, let's put a little bit of leeks at the end.

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