Recipe: Home-made braised pork without water

Home Cooking Recipe: Home-made braised pork without water


There are thousands of recipes for braised pork, and each has its own practice. But after searching the kitchen for a lap, I roughly flipped a few pages and didn't find the same braised pork as I did on weekdays, so I recorded my version. To sum up, I do braised pork, one is not drowning, the other is not oil, the third is not fried sugar (or: not special fried sugar). From the beginning to the end of a pot in one go, do not have to fry this first, after the speculation, the meat is poured out and poured back. save trouble. Do not drown, that is to say, don't put the meat in the water first, I think it is not fresh to cook the meat, and the flavored materials are cooked. However, some people are very sensitive to the smell, or the quality of the pork is not good enough. If the smell is very heavy, you can choose to drown the water first. Put cold water into the pot, put ginger, rice wine or cooking wine, cook the floating foam, and then fish out for use. (ps I saw someone on Weibo who spit on the Weibo, saying that I couldn’t get enough to eat, how can I do this. Hey, I’m speechless. I know a few elders who have burned a lifetime of braised pork. After the drowning, the meat is not fresh, but the elders told me. Instead of killing one shot, it is better to buy a better piece of meat and try it out. Of course, it is not excluded that some people are really sensitive to the smell, then焯水呗~) Do not put oil, it means that the pot does not pour oil, directly burned the fried pork, and forced out the oil in the meat itself, naturally it will flow a lot of oil. This reduces the greasy feel. Take a look at the steps.



  1. Pork belly is selected with skin, washed, controlled to dry, cut into mahjong block size. It is recommended that you start to burn a pot of water at this time, and wait for the stew with boiling water.

  2. Heat the pan, do not pour the oil, pour the pork belly directly. Use chopsticks to pull and pull, try not to overlap, each piece of meat sticks to the bottom of the pot. It is recommended to use a non-stick pan. After the meat is poured, don't rush over, simmer slowly, and turn the oil after the oil seeps out.

  3. Keep the medium and small fire, use chopsticks to turn each piece of meat over until the surface is slightly browned, and the oil is forced out. There is a very similar process in Western food. This is often done when frying meat, which makes the surface of the meat 'brown' and seals the gravy.

  4. Then add rock sugar and stir fry for a while. With small pieces of rock sugar, large pieces must be first opened into small pieces, otherwise it is very difficult to melt. This is similar to fried sugar, but it is not fried sugar. If you want to stir the sugar color, then put the meat out first, leave the oil in the pot, add the rock sugar, keep the small fire stir fry until the whole melts, start bubbling, then pour the meat back, quickly stir fry evenly . Be careful not to fry, it is recommended to just pour the meat back. If the sugar is fried, it will be bitter. I don't fry the sugar color. When the meat is in the pot, I can directly get the sugar, and the finished product is the same color and oily.

  5. When the rock sugar melts almost, put ginger, star anise, fragrant leaves, dried chili, stir fry a few times. Pour a little yellow wine, soy sauce, soy sauce. Stir fry until all the meat pieces are colored.

  6. Then pour boiling water, at least not meat. Be careful to be boiling water, not cold water. When the hot meat touches the cold water, it shrinks quickly and the taste will not be good. After pouring into boiling water, the fire will boil and turn to low heat for at least an hour. During the period, remember to observe the condition of the soup. If the water is not enough, the meat is not crisp. You can add water properly, which is also boiling water.

  7. After an hour, taste the salty and fleshy taste. If you think it is not enough, then you will continue to stew. But in general it is enough. You can turn the fire and collect the juice. Pay attention to the mixing when collecting the juice, the soup will become thick, and be careful. The more the sugar is placed, the thicker the soup will be. The soup is almost finished and you can get out of the pot! You can sprinkle some sesame seeds, which is more pleasing to the eye.


As long as the stew is enough, the braised pork is naturally fat but not greasy and delicious. Part of the fat meat is sprayed with fragrant smell, and it is not greasy at all; the part of lean meat is not soft, soft and soft. But don't just pursue more stews, it's almost an hour, and then the meat will be rotten. It is recommended to cook in a casserole or cast iron pot! The proportion of the specific raw materials is only a rough estimate and is for reference only. Everyone's taste is different, different rock sugar, soy sauce, sweetness, saltiness, and degree of coloration are also different. Try it while you are doing it. If you like sweet, put more sugar on it. If it tastes salty, put more soy sauce. Note that after the juice is collected, it will become more salty. Don't put it too salty at first. If you use braised soy sauce, soy sauce can be combined into a special braised soy sauce. I actually secretly sprinkled some rosemary and felt quite refreshing.

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