Recipe: Home Edition

Home Cooking Recipe: Home Edition


When I am hungry, it’s so comfortable to have a bowl of steaming cockroaches~~~~



  1. Burn a pot of water, the amount of water feels almost the same. After boiling, put the bag that was previously wrapped and placed in the freezer of the refrigerator.

  2. Many of the cockroaches of your own package will be frozen together. After putting in boiling water, slowly separate them with a rice spoon and the like. Sticking together is not easy to cook.

  3. Separate the clams and adjust the medium heat, cover the lid, and cook slowly.

  4. During the cooking process, put a little lard in the bowl. The amount of chopped green onion, salt and chicken essence is as good as you like.

  5. The leather used for your own bag is a relatively thin one. It will be cooked very quickly. After the cockroaches are all raised, the fire will be turned off for a while. Then rush into the boiling water in the bowl with the seasoning, and the small bowl will do.

  6. After you have finished licking, you can remove it and put it in the bowl to smell the taste of the hook.

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