Recipe: Home-cooked greens pork noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Home-cooked greens pork noodles



  1. Prepare materials

  2. Cut the pork into shredded pork, add dry starch, soy sauce, oyster sauce, white pepper, salt, cooking wine and marinate for 15 minutes.

  3. Put the fat into the pot and stir fry over low heat. Leave a proper amount of oil for use (excessive food can be cooked)

  4. Add onion ginger garlic cloves, marinated pork stir fry

  5. Add soy sauce, salt, sugar to taste, continue to stir fry

  6. Add appropriate amount of water, turn off the fire after the fire is boiled

  7. At this time, the water is noodles under the pot, and the noodles are cooked when cooked.

  8. Finally, pour the broth in the noodles.


1, garlic cloves can put more points, it will be very fragrant. 2, if time is too late, it is better to eat your own hands.

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