Recipe: Hokkaido Hurricane Cup (Kasida Sauce)

Home Cooking Recipe: Hokkaido Hurricane Cup (Kasida Sauce)


It’s almost Christmas, it’s very suitable for a friend to give a meal to a child. I have a couple of them, and the taste is very good.



  1. 1 The egg yolk is placed in an oil-free container, and the egg yolk is evenly mixed with a manual egg beater.

  2. 2 Mix low-gluten flour and cornstarch into the egg yolk paste, gently stir with a manual egg beater to mix the egg yolk with the flour.

  3. 3 Put 30 grams of sugar into the milk, boil the milk with a milk pan, use medium and small fire

  4. 4 Pour the boiled milk into the custard and pour it evenly with a manual whisk.

  5. 5 Sift the mixture into the milk pot, add 2 drops of vanilla extract, add 10 grams of butter

  6. 6 milk pot is heated with a small fire, stirring with the egg beater until the milk paste becomes thick, smooth and delicate

  7. 7 Immediately pour the egg yolk paste into a clean bowl. The bowl should be placed in a basin with ice water in advance. Stir with a spatula and stir until smooth and smooth.

  8. 8 Put the cooled egg yolk paste on the plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes (after this step, you can start to do the hurricane)

  9. 9After a basin of ice water, send 100 grams of whipped cream to maintain the pattern, mix the refrigerated custard paste with whipped cream, and the Caska sauce is just fine. (This step can be placed in the hurricane cup. Do it after the oven)

  10. 1 Start to make a hurricane cup, add 10 grams of egg yolk, and mix evenly with a manual egg beater.

  11. 2 Add milk and corn oil, stir well

  12. 3 sieve into low-gluten flour and mix well with egg yolk

  13. 4 protein plus lemon juice (without adding white vinegar, or not), three times add sugar to wet foam

  14. 5 Take a third of the protein and add it to the egg yolk paste. Mix it evenly with a spatula.

  15. 6 Pour the egg yolk paste into the protein bowl and mix it evenly with the spatula from bottom to top.

  16. 7 pour the paste into the paper cup, preheat the upper layer of the oven 150 degrees, bake for 27 minutes, and finally pay attention to the degree of coloring.

  17. 8 Bake it out and let it cool. Put the cream filling into the flower bag and squeeze it into the cake.

  18. 9 sifted the powdered sugar onto the cake to create a snowflake look.


1 When doing Kasida sauce, it is the key to heat the egg yolk paste in the milk pot. It must be a small fire. The egg beater should be kept stirring. The flour should be cooked. Otherwise, there will be a powdery taste. Pay attention to the heat 2 sauce and put it in the refrigerator. Can be put for two days, can also be used as puffs 3 my oven is 40 liters of Hai, you can make a reference, and finally must pay attention to the degree of coloring

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