Recipe: Hill into mango dessert

Home Cooking Recipe: Hill into mango dessert


This dessert is perfect for summer, preserves the delicious mango flavor and has a cold taste, which is worth a try.



  1. Mango peeled and diced freely, topped with lemon juice and mixed with a wooden spatula.

  2. Add sour cream and mix.

  3. Put the white sugar, water and milk in the pot and heat it with high heat. After boiling, turn off the flame. Put in soft gelatin soaked in ice water. Dissolve and filter with a filter.

  4. Filter the squeezed milk liquid, cool it to 15 degrees with ice water, and then add to the mixed mango pulp of step 1.

  5. Add the fresh cream, mix well, pour into the mold and let it cool and solidify.

  6. Put all the materials of A in the country, boil over medium heat, and then cool.

  7. Place the solidified mango dessert on the container, topped with the cooled milk sauce, and garnish with mango and mint cut into pieces.


1. The original side used mangoes of sweet and sour taste and super sweetness to highlight the layering of mangoes. I directly chose the mango varieties of sweetness. 2, the pulp is mixed and mixed, do not use food processor, electric mixer, etc., with a wooden scraper and the like to cut, can preserve the taste of the flesh. 3, I directly used the favorite cup as a solidification container, without using the mold to solidify and then demould.

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