Recipe: Hericium mushroom biscuit

Home Cooking Recipe: Hericium mushroom biscuit



  1. The monkey head mushroom soaked in water. Change the water several times. In order to remove the bitterness, then tear it into small pieces. Let it dry in the oven and then break into the cooking machine. You can search for the recipe of the monkey mushroom powder.

  2. I will separate the egg yolk with the egg beater. Keep the egg yolk with spare egg white and add sugar powder. Sugar powder can be added as appropriate. I like not so sweet, so put less.

  3. Put the egg yolk in the egg white that is sent. Stir well. Pour in the corn oil. Stir well.

  4. Low powder, monkey mushroom powder, milk powder, salt, baking soda, baking powder, sieving into egg mixture, stirring until no dry powder

  5. Use a rolling pin to make a pizza about three millimeters. Use a mold to make it into the oven. When the surface is darker, you can cool it better.


I searched for the monkey mushroom biscuits. All of them are butter. I personally don't like the taste of butter. But I know that butter is a function of crispy and milky. So I refer to other recipes on the Internet to replace some materials. It feels healthier. You can also add some whole wheat flour so that it will be healthier.

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