Recipe: Hemp sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Hemp sauce



  1. Cut the fresh powder into a wide strip and rinse it with warm water (if it is a dry powder, soak the powder, boil until transparent), drain the water.

  2. Beat the eggs, add a little salt, starch and mix thoroughly, spread the egg skin and cut the filaments. The cucumber is also shredded for use. Scallions and garlic cut into pieces

  3. Sesame sauce with water, add appropriate amount of salt, sugar, vinegar, chicken, sesame oil, diced green onion and mix well

  4. Pour the sesame sauce and chili oil on the powder, put on the egg skin, cucumber, coriander, pork, and sprinkle with a little sesame.


Be sure to mix well before eating. Every powdered skin is covered with sesame sauce.

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